Mr Huang

Mr Huang is a man with an indomitable spirit. At the age of 76 he can be found with a warm smile, delighting all who come to gaze upon the pallets of produce at wiry grasp. Originally from Guangdong, Mr Huang takes us through a day in the life of one who is beginning to feel the weight of his years?


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Tough Times Never Last

Through their stories of criminal mistakes, personal struggles and professional failures, Michael aims to inspire viewers around the world to live happy and successful lives.

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Technical Director. Live at the Kaliede was an attempt at broadcasting from outside the usual RMIT Television Studios. Using black magic, the event ran for an hour and a half without difficulty.

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About Jack

Jack is a current student at RMIT studying a Bachelor of Communications: Media. With a passion for online content, Jack has branched into live production and


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